How We Review Beer

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There’s a lot of blogs and websites out there that review craft beer, and its usually a similar format. They judge different aspects of the beer and then give it some overall score like 88/100 or B+ or some other concrete attribution. Here at Beer Snob Squad we don’t believe in “grading/scoring” beers. This is not to say that those reviews don’t have value, I’ve tried a lot of great beers over the years based on online reviews and discovered a lot of new beers as a result. However, our philosophy is that even in the craft beer community we all have tastes. I have a lot of friends that are craft beer die-hards, and each of them generally has a style that they don’t like. One hates pilsners, another doesn’t like Quads and a third tends to dislike Saisons. This is not unusual, so when it comes to reviewing beers, if I generally don’t like pilsners, I’m never going to give a great score to a pilsner even if it is the best pilsner ever made.

So how do we do it? Well,the first thing we always ask ourselves when reviewing a beer is “Would Rob Ford Like it?“.


Just Kidding. The first thing we do is tell you what the brewer says about the beer we’re trying. Then we tell you how our experience compares to their description of the beer. We tell you what we taste, how light or heavy it is, how it finishes, how it smells, etc. We’ll also tell you if we tried it on draught or from a bottle. We will tell you if we like it, but that’s not the most important factor you should consider when deciding to try a beer we review. If we try a Double IPA and say the smell has citrus notes, and it’s quite hoppy but has a nice not-too-bitter grapefruit aftertaste, and that’s the style of IPA you like, you should try it whether we loved it or not. We hope we can give you info that helps you make an informed decision and keeps the brewers honest (there’s nothing worse than buying a coffee stout that doesn’t taste at all like coffee).