How We Review Bars/Breweries


There’s a lot of blogs and websites out there that review beer bars and breweries, and its usually a similar format. They judge different aspects of the bar (selection, atmosphere, food, etc.) and then give it some overall score like 88/100 or B+ or some other concrete attribution. Here at Beer Snob Squad we don’t believe in “grading/scoring” bars and breweries. This is not to say that those reviews don’t have value, I’ve tried a lot of great places over the years based on online reviews and discovered some hidden gems as a result. However, our philosophy is that even in the craft beer community we all have tastes. My favorite watering hole may be different than yours based on a variety of factors, so instead we try to describe the experience as best we can, and help you visualize it like you’re actually there.

We’re going to give you plenty of pictures and sometimes video if need be. There’s nothing worse than reading a bar review, picturing the place a certain way in your mind and then when you get there it looks like this:


We will tell you about the beer selection, beer quality, atmosphere, location, knowledge of employees, but NEVER about the food. This is a beer blog, and we are critiquing these places on that alone. Of course we will tell you if we liked it, but that shouldn’t be the determining factor when deciding whether or not to try an establishment. If what we describe to you seems like a good fit, check it out. If what we describe sounds like a place where an ICP cover band might perform, you may want to steer clear, or it’s on you.