What is Northwest of Northwest?

One of the toughest decisions we face here at Beer Snob Squad is choosing what part of the country to go to next to explore the craft beer scene. After all, the craft beer business is booming all over the U.S. so there is really no bad answer. We managed to narrow it down based on some places we hadn’t been in a while and available airfare deals and decided to fly to Seattle. We know that beer drinkers never lose in the Pacific Northwest, which is what keeps bringing us back there. Seattle is great, and we were excited, but then we thought, “that’s not good enough, what can we do to make this trip more interesting?”

What if we add some cideries to our itinerary? That’s a good start. Then we thought, “We love the Northwest, but what is Northwest of Northwest?” It’s not a trick question where the answer is “Southeast”, we mean what can we find in the northwestern part of the most northwestern state in the continental U.S.? That was our new mission for this trip.

We looked at the map and the brewery/cidery options available to us and decided after leaving Seattle (it would be a crime not to stop at a few places there) we would head out to the Snoqualmie area (being the Twin Peaks fans that we are) and then up to Poulsbo and Port Townsend before finishing back in Seattle. We’ve got 11 places on our list and the series of articles to come will tell you all about them. Unless the owls lead us to the Black Lodge…