People from Harlem Aren’t the Only Ones Who Globetrot

We’ve been silent for the past few weeks at Beer Snob Squad, and people probably wondered what happened to us. Are we having computer issues? Did we drink so much we forgot we had a blog? Did we discover inter-dimensional travel and decide the beer in other dimensions is better? Did we die?

I’m happy to report it’s none of the above. In fact, it’s because we’ve been traveling almost non-stop so we can bring you fresh reviews and news from around the U.S. (and eventually the world). In just the last month we made trips to Washington State, Nashville, Las Vegas and all around New England. Now it’s time to start pounding the keys and bringing those reviews to you.


They’ll probably be coming at you fast and furious because we only have a brief break in our travel schedule before we head out to San Diego later this month, which is sure to be an epic beercation. I would urge you to stay tuned, but this isn’t a broadcast.