Bar Review: Pour Judgement (Newport, RI)

Bar Review of Pour Judgement in Newport, RI.

pour judgement 3

What do you do when you have a great afternoon pub crawl planned in Newport, RI on a Monday holiday, but when you get down there all the places you planned to go are closed until dinner time, even though they are normally open? Well, you don’t turn around and run home cryin’! You go to the one place around that is open, even though you weren’t planning to go there at all, and you make the best of it.

pour judgement 4

That’s how we ended up at Pour Judgement. A long, rectangular room with the bar on one side, small pub tables on the other side and barely an aisle wide enough to walk between the two. We were lucky to grab a table as the place was packed. I didn’t know if I should take that as a good sign, or if it was just because most of the other places in town were closed. When I got the beer menu I started to believe it was the former and that my prospects were looking up, as they had 20 draughts, almost all craft with some decently rare stuff to choose from as well as a large bottle & can list. Draught beers from breweries like Jack’s Abby, Wychwood, New Holland & Jolly Pumpkin. Certainly nothing to scoff at.

pour judgement 2

I also liked the attitude of the place, which had a real low-key locals vibe. Not a dive bar, per se, but certainly unlike most of the pretentious tourist-driven establishments that line Newport’s streets. We had planned to eat on our pub crawl as well, so we were pleased to find a full menu of tasty plates here, which I didn’t expect considering the size of this bar. Pour Judgement kept surprising me, to the point where we stayed way longer than we originally thought we would and that should tell you something about it right there. When we finally did leave we were able to go to one of our original destinations when they opened later that day. You could say “Pour Judgement saved my day”, and how often does that happen?