Cidery Review: Citizen Cider (Burlington, VT)

Cidery Review of Citizen Cider in Burlington, VT.

There is no doubt that the Burlington drink scene has a lot to offer. Quality beer, wine and cocktails are available en masse, but what do you do when your looking for a change of pace? Don’t overlook cider and certainly don’t overlook Citizen Cider.


For those of you living in New England, as I do, have probably witnessed the rise of Citizen over the past few years from a small craft cidery in VT to a diverse cidery with distribution that spans New England and probably beyond. I have no trouble finding several of their products at my local liquor store in central Massachusetts. When you combine that with the fact that we recently awarded them “Best Cidery” at the 2017 Boston Beer and Cheese Festival put on by (see recap here), we were overdue to pay them a visit in person.


The cidery itself is not right downtown, but it’s not far from the action either. It’s an industrial building with a decent size tasting room and hip, modern vibe. I was hoping that by making this Cider pilgrimage I would be rewarded with rare ciders that you can’t get outside the cidery, and I wasn’t disappointed. There were 10 draught ciders available including ciders from their “cellar series” which are only available at the cidery. The variety is quite diverse and innovative, as Citizen is the type of cidery that experiments with different ingredients, fermentation processes and barrel-aging.


Flights are available and we took full advantage, trying everything on draught. Then we had a stroke of good fortune, as they were doing a special bottle tasting of 2 additional ciders not on the draught list. You can have a traditional apple cider from their core menu, like the Unified Press, follow that up with something a bit more tart and fruity like the Americran or bRosé, then finish with a bourbon barrel-aged “Mr. Burlington” cider, which mimics the flavors found in a manhattan cocktail. You shouldn’t get bored but if your the most super-spoiled cider drinker on earth and this isn’t impressing you so far, they also make 8 different cider cocktails (see menu)! There is also a nice menu of light fare available to keep you from getting the munchies and to make this my new favorite Burlington lunch spot.


I should mention that their ciders are delicious and high quality but I felt it was implied with all the gushing I was doing. If you are a beer or wine drinker that hasn’t gotten on the cider train just yet, you’re late, and as for those who prefer cocktails, you now have no excuse either. I know your cousin Joey wants to drag you to another dive bar that smells like piss and only has Coors Light bottles, or your husband will only drink in a place that plays country music, or your girlfriend prefers $12 appletinis, but kick that deadweight to the curb and do something for yourself for once! Head to Citizen Cider.