Brewery Review: Prohibition Pig (Waterbury, VT)

Brewery Review of Prohibition Pig in Waterbury, VT.

How many breweries have the ability to offer you the full restaurant/brewery experience and the brewery taproom experience on the same premises? I’m guessing not too many, but Prohibition Pig does. First, you get the historic brick building restaurant that faces quaint downtown Main St., then you get the brewing facility out back that also has a full service bar and feels much more like a taproom. They are 2 separate buildings joined together on one property, which allows you to “pick your poison” in more ways than one.


We started out on the restaurant side where we were greeted by friendly staff and a menu of 12 draught beers, all made in house. There were some guest taps available as well, but we were here to try their beer, so we stuck to that. Overall the selection was solid, with some innovative options like the Chai One On (Chai Tea English Mild w/Lactose) and the Back to the Grind (Coffee Oatmeal Stout). Many of their other beers were brewery staples (IPA, Pale Ale, Blonde Ale, Lager, Amber Ale, etc.), but all were good quality and quite drinkable. The restaurant has red brick walls and a warm but minimalist decor. Very comfortable and family-friendly. Our meal was excellent and once we were through we headed over to the brewery side.


The atmosphere in the brewery bar is much different with a more industrial theme and adult feel. Also, this is where the branded merchandise is available for sale, in case you wanted a knit winter hat with the Prohibition Pig logo and a real rabbit fur Pom Pom on top (yes, they really have this). This side is actually more my style, but that’s just a matter of taste. Both sides offer the beer and food but allow you to choose the environment in which you’re most comfortable. Not many breweries can offer this, so take advantage of it!


All in all, Prohibition Pig is a brewery worth driving to and has something to suite most tastes. If you’re like us you can even bounce back and forth between the restaurant and brewery sides, which is sort of fun but also really confuses the staff. Maybe they thought we were looking for maple syrup and got lost.