Bar Review: Redlight, Redlight Beer Parlour (Orlando, Fl)

Bar Review of Redlight, Redlight Beer Parlour in Orlando, FL.

Orlando, FL is undoubtedly one of America’s largest tourist hubs with every type of theme park, water park and amusement park you can imagine. As adults, what do you do when the crowds, traffic, heat and smiling mascots start to overwhelm you and the whole place begins to feel like a hellmouth? It may feel like there is no escape, but that’s not the case. If you just head 20 minutes north into downtown Orlando you’ll find Redlight, Redlight, and yes, you’ll want to stop there as the name indicates.


As you approach just let their large neon sign call to you and pull you in from the road. As you enter and behold the huge 360° square bar you’ll know you’ve found the slice of sanity you seek. The whole place is really just a large square room with tables to the outside and a bar lined with taps and beer coolers to the inside. This is the type of bar where you’ll feel like your missing out on something if you sit in one of the outlying tables. The bar is where the action is.


Once seated you are greeted by a menu of 24 draughts, 2 casks and a bottle list too long to read and too impressive not to read. Two of the draught beers are “house beers” brewed by them, technically making Redlight, Redlight a brewery also, but its heart and soul is a great beer bar. The draught choices are excellent, with beers like the 2011 Bruery 4 Calling Birds, Prairie Artisan Flare Gose, Jolly Pumpkin Uber Wit and Schlenkerla Marzen available to me. The rarity of the bottle list is spectacular, and the large coolers are scattered throughout the room, so you can browse the bottles with your eyes and not just in text form if you prefer. I cannot imagine anyone squabbling with the selection.


The atmosphere is fun and lively, the bartenders are very knowledgeable and clearly love beer, and the song “It’s a Small World After All” never plays. Many people have traveled to Orlando, but how many make the journey to downtown Orlando? How many people know there is a downtown Orlando? Don’t be one of those people, get out there and explore. Find great beer and leave Mickey, Shamu and King Kong in your rear view mirror,… or bring them along (they’d probably love it).