Brewery Review: Trinity Brewhouse (Providence, RI)

Brewery Review of Trinity Brewhouse in Providence, RI.


Well before the craft beer boom of the last half decade, Trinity Brewhouse was nestled in their downtown Providence location churning out local craft beer and eats. That’s why when you go into Trinity Brewhouse it doesn’t feel like the typical brewery/restaurant or brewery tasting room that you so often see today. It’s not a hipster paradise or a fancy barrelhouse or an overly commercial “we wish we we’re Sam Adams” establishment. It’s a dimly lit, quirky neighborhood bar and restaurant with eclectic decor and 8 draught beers that are made in house. It’s also worth noting that Trinity is a lot larger on the inside than it looks, because it actually has a full downstairs basement level as well. It won’t give the TARDIS a run for its money, but it’s still a nice trick.


You’re not going to be blown away by the beer offerings at Trinity, but the beers are solid and they actually have one of the smoothest, creamiest imperial stouts around (Darkness). I’d say it’s almost worth coming here just for that. I’m not saying there is no creativity here either, as they can get wacky and experiment once and a while as well, with things like the Gingersnap Imperial Brown (with molasses, ginger root and cinnamon) that they had when I was there. 


The thing that’s great about Trinity is the lack of pretension. It’s low-key, so you can settle in, have a nice meal and fresh craft beer and feel at home. You also won’t spend an arm and a leg doing it. That may not sound that special, but in a downtown like Providence RI, it’s getting harder and harder to find. Much like decent Johnny Depp movies, likable politicians and cars with a decent cassette deck, you just don’t find them much anymore. That’s why I’m glad Trinity is still a Providence anchor after all these years because if this trend continues how will I play my Def Leppard mix tape!