Brewery Review: Cold Harbor Brewing (Westborough, MA)

Brewery Review of Cold Harbor Brewing Co. in Westborough, MA.

Wouldn’t it be great if every town in America had a small local brewery that you could stop at on your way home and pick up fresh craft beer. No frills, no big restaurant operation, no bottling plant or distribution enterprise, just quality draught beer in growlers. Cold Harbor is that place, and as a result the folks living in Westborough, MA have an advantage over many of us.



Cold Harbor has a small, quaint, standing-room only tap room (there are literally no seats) in the back of a building on Rt. 135 in Westborough. If you weren’t looking for it you’d probably miss it. I know I’m not really selling it that well, but that’s because you’re not thinking of it the right way. This is like an old-time fill-up station where the locals and regulars drift in and out all day refilling their growlers, grabbing a pint while they wait and having a kind word with one another. This brewery has an awesome sense of community, and you can certainly hang out for quite a while if you’re so inclined or if you’re not careful.


There are a few bar-height pub tables to stand around and you can get all their beer in pints, half-pints and sample sizes (to make a good flight) if you’re sticking around. Then, when you’ve had your fill you can grab a growler to-go. That’s right, draught only. No bottles, no cans. That’s what keeps this little gem hummin’, as well as the fact that the beer is terrific. They certainly don’t let their size stifle their creativity, with 8-10 offerings on hand ranging from traditional IPAs and English Ales to things like a Smoked Porter with Serrano Peppers, Peach Gose and Cold Brew Coffee Stout. We tried them all on our visit and everything was well-balanced, fresh and very tasty.

Speaking with the staff there it is very clear that they are already looking to grow to a bigger facility with more functionality, so get there now and be the person that knew about something cool before it got big. Be the person who saw Green Day when they were playing on Gilman St. in Berkeley, CA in the early 1990s not the person who jumped on the Green Day bandwagon after Boulevard of Broken Dreams played on the radio 993 times per day in 2004. You’re better than that…