Merry Christmas & Happy New Year… To Me!

What happens when you have the greatest wife in the world and you’re a craft beer lover? The answer is that she still manages to surprise you with an awesome beer-related gift even when you didn’t think that was possible. On top of that, she managed to get me the beer gift that keeps on giving.


Did she get me a large stock of rare beers, or a “Beer of the Month Club”? Nope, it’s better than that. The craft brewery that is closest to my home is Kretschmann Brewing Co. (KBC) in Webster, MA. As I’ve written about before, they are a terrific nanobrewery with a beer garden and tasting room. When they opened this location in 2014 I saw that they offered a Stein Club with a limited number of memberships (much like the “mug clubs” offered at other breweries). It allowed for stein fills (18-20 oz) of any of their beers up to 11% ABV for $5.00 all year long as well as early access to new beers, growler deals, special events for members only and more! I had to have one, but sadly it sold out very quickly and I was left with a regular pint glass in my hands and no special privileges.


The following year I tried again to get a membership when people were up for renewal in December, but there were few openings and again I failed. At this point I gave up and forgot about it, resigning myself to pay full beer price and drink from a pedestrian glass with the rest of the pleabs. That didn’t stop my wife, however. This year she remembered and actually waited outside KBC for 45 minutes on the day the available memberships went on sale (there was a total of 8 openings). She paid my fee to the Stein Club and made my Christmas! The best part is I never saw it coming.

My Membership started 01/01/17, so it is quite a New Year’s gift as well. I hope the folks at KBC like me because they’re certainly going to be seeing a lot of me going forward (I almost feel sorry for them). If a lot of you out there are jealous that I have such a great spouse, good. You should be. She’s the best, and I hope she joins me at KBC as often as she can so we can enjoy the upcoming year together.