Epic Beer Names (Part 8): Nirvana Edition

In the competitive world of craft and microbrewing, breweries are always looking for new and creative ways to make their beer jump off the shelf and into your shopping cart. One of the ways they do that is with clever names/packaging, and occasionally they stumble upon something truly epic. When they do, we bring it to you here.


Today’s Epic Beer Name: Smells Like Bean Spirit from Mikerphone Brewing in Grove Village, IL. The folks at Mikerphone Brewing produce beers that are inspired by music (and they have a ton of great beer names, which we may revisit later), and what better way to commemorate the grunge era than with a Nirvana-inspired beer? After all, this clever beer name and label will have widespread recognition and conjure up fond memories for many of us who had our formative years in the late 1980’s-early 1990’s (this is a core customer for craft breweries). Why should it stop here? Why not a whole series of Nirvana-themed brews? I’ve got a few ideas (which they are free to use):

All Apolo-Gose: “Find my nest of salt, everything is my fault (but it will make a tasty gose)”.


Heart-Shaped Bock: “I’ve been cocked, drunk on your heart-shaped bock for weeks“.


Krist Novo-Lambic:We hope this beer is more memorable than Nirvana’s third member, for whom it is named“.


Come As You Barleywine:Come as you are, as you were, as you bring me a beer“.


Something in the IP-Way: “Polly wants a hop-bomb, but we thought that was dumb because the hops aren’t in bloom and this beer isn’t about a girl anyway.”

OK, Mikerphone Brewing, get cranking on this new limited edition Nirvana Series of beers! Or just ignore me like every other brewery that I’ve tried to help. Why does no one want to forge their name in the annals of craft beer greatness?!?  Forget it,…Nevermind.