Brewery Review: Homer Brewing (Homer, AK)

Brewery Review of Homer Brewing Co. in Homer, AK.

Part #7 of the Alaska: The Last Beer Frontier Series.

We’ve reached the southernmost point of our trip, and thankfully there was beer waiting for us at Homer Brewing. When you drive through downtown Homer and then turn down a few small side streets you know this is going to be a true locals brewery. It’s tucked away with views of trees not businesses, but will it be a “hidden gem”?


The tasting room itself is relatively small, with an industrial feel and a few round pub tables for sitting. There is a bar station where you can place your order and a partial view of the brewing operation which is obscured by all the merch that’s been jammed in-between. Maybe this faux store is meant to act as a floating wall, who knows? Either way, it’s a true brewery tap room where you come to try beer. It also has a blue-collar communal gathering feel to it, which is cool.


They tout themselves as a place that crafts “fresh traditional country ales”, and the day we were there they had 8 draughts to choose from. We got the full flight of 8 and dug in.


All in all, I wasn’t that impressed. The beer wasn’t bad but it all had similar weak body, seeming almost watered down. The carbonation levels seemed too low and were very similar across all the styles (which doesn’t seem right), and the flavors weren’t bold. There were some highlights, like the Scottish Ale and the Celestiale, but I was hoping for a little more “pop” based on the descriptions of these beers. Maybe I’m missing the point, maybe this is what “fresh traditional country ales” are supposed to taste like. Homer brewing has been around for nearly 20 years and I’m sure they’re not going anywhere. I’m also sure their loyal followers will tear apart this review online, but I have to say what I feel. I didn’t think the beer was that great.


Ok, now let’s put it all in perspective. Homer brewing is a really nice establishment with friendly employees and drinkable beer. When you combine that with the fact that you’re in Homer, AK, you’ve actually got a really good situation on your hands. If I lived in Homer I’d probably be a regular here myself, because you’ve got to know where you’re at. For a beer lover, I believe this is the best place in town, and there aren’t any other towns nearby, so do the math. Would you rather hit up the local dive bar or fisherman’s bar and get a can of Rainier or Old Milwaukee? You know better… and so do the people of Homer, which is why they cherish Homer Brewing. A friend of mine once told me, “When you’re in Wyoming you can’t complain about gas station sushi”. I’m starting to understand his point…