Epic Beer Names (Part 7): 80’s Video Game Edition

In the competitive world of craft and microbrewing, breweries are always looking for new and creative ways to make their beer jump off the shelf and into your shopping cart. One of the ways they do that is with clever names/packaging, and occasionally they stumble upon something truly epic. When they do, we bring it to you here.


Today’s Epic Beer Name: Konkey Dong Double IPA from Hoof Hearted Brewing in Marengo, OH. What a great way to conjure up some 80’s video game nostalgia, while also insinuating slight drunken mispronunciation and avoiding copyright issues. Truly Epic. I feel like Hoof Hearted should really keep this theme going, but “Muper Sario Bros.” doesn’t have quite the same ring, so I’ve got some other clever 80’s video game suggestions for them. They have my permission to use them at their discretion:

Pole Pilsition (Imperial Pilsner): “Because a man needs a strong beer before he races a 230 MPH 1500 lbs speed machine”.


Bock Hunt (Doppelbock): “The next time that stupid dog laughs at you, you can crack him over the head with the empty bottle”.


Maltroid (Brown Ale): “Samus is here to drink beer and kick space pirate ass, and she’s all out of beer… but you shouldn’t be.”


Dubbel Dragon (Belgian Dubbel): “It will help you forget that the Black Warriors kidnapped your girlfriend, and the implications …”.


Final Flandasy (Flanders Red Ale): “It will cast a sour spell over your palate and cause sloppy swordplay”.


Nothing brings back quite as many fond memories as the video games of our youth, and what better way to reminisce about them than by drinking beers inspired by them! Then you can sit around with your friends and drunkly misremember the plotlines and foolishly boast of your high score on The Legend of Zelda (which didn’t have a score). Isn’t that what nostalgia is all about?


Don’t miss out on this amazing marketing opportunity, Hoof Hearted… or may find that you’re too late and your princess is in another castle.