Are You a Beer Snob? (Part 4)

Earlier today a good friend of mine sent me a random text that just said, “Why do people drink Bud Light?”. I didn’t take any time to ponder it and snapped back these exact words: “Their cheap, they don’t really like beer, their lemmings, or a combo of all 3.”. It rolled out of my brain as fast as I could type it. I am undoubtedly a beer snob, thus this blog, so I guess this shouldn’t surprise me. My friend is also a beer lover, but even he had to chuckle at the reflex speed of my answer.


After thinking about it for a minute he typed back, “Best answer I’ve heard so far.”. I am not writing this to pat myself on the back and I’m not even sure it was a great answer, it was an instinctual answer. There are a myriad of reasons that people may choose to drink Bud Light, but my inner beer snob had dumbed it down to just 3 in seconds. They’re broke, they have no taste (getting drunk is more important than what they’re drinking) or they’re dumb (easily led). I basically called everyone who drinks Bud Light some member of the Three Stooges. I’ve got news for you, if this message resonates with you than you are also a beer snob, but it could be worse, you could be Shemp.