Review: Finback The Known Universe Gose

Review of Finback The Known Universe Gose from Finback Brewing in Queens, NY.

Beer Type: Gose  ABV: 5.0%  Tried from can.

Their Description: “A spicy gose with Calamansi lime and habanero chili.”

The Reality: Their description may be simplistic, but this beer is anything but. It starts with a deep golden color and a citrusy, salty scent with hints of pepper. The flavor is like a stage play with four acts. It begins crisp, light and faintly tart, then in the second act it is intensely sour, but only for a moment. The third act brings in the salty supporting notes and the finish has a mild background heat and hints of pepper flavor. The interesting thing is that the flavor follows this exact progression on your taste buds with each sip. The aftertaste is tart and dry, and you’ll feel a nice warmth in your chest.

Final Verdict: This beer is a delicious enigma. At times the flavors are bold, and at times not. The sourness seems to burst in your mouth after a moment, but then it is gone as quick as it arrived. This beer is spicy, but the heat takes up residence in your throat and chest, leaving your mouth with no burn to speak of. The lime and salt are more subdued, yet major players in the overall flavor profile. It makes your mouth water at times but is also dry. The flavors aren’t blended together as much as they are trotted across your tongue in a particular order that is very pleasing, which I imagine is an even harder thing to achieve as a brewer. This beer is a multi-sensory experience like a Pink Floyd Laser Show or Gallagher Stand-Up Comedy Routine, but while those things have obvious drawbacks (like needing to be high to enjoy them), this will seem like an almost a perfect beer, no drugs required.