Bar Review: The Wing Cafe & Tap House (Marietta, GA)

Bar Review of The Wing Cafe & Tap House in Marietta, GA.

What do you do when your stuck in Marietta, GA for a night on a business trip with no car? Well, I decided to figure out where the best beer bar is and take an Uber there. Then I found out that’s not as easy as it sounds. Unlike downtown Atlanta, where there a plenty of places to go for great beer, my research of Marietta showed it to be a bit lacking. What made it even tougher is that I was also looking for a place that served food, as I did not want to eat dinner at my hotel. I combed the internet looking for leads and nothing was jumping out at me as an obvious choice, so the tie-breaker in my decision was the type of food I was in the mood for, which was wings. So I headed over to The Wing Café.


Upon entering I was wondering if I had made the wrong choice. This is a no-frills establishment, with a family restaurant/sports bar feel and kitschy wall décor, that happened to be located on the corner of a large strip-mall. However ,the large dining hall where I was seated was packed and I decided to stay positive and take that as a good omen. When my waiter arrived he could sense I was from out-of-town and asked what brought me in. I told him I was hoping to find a good beer selection, and he just smiled and said “Boy, you have come to the right place”. He put down the beer list and I was immediately at ease, I knew I had gotten lucky with my choice, and to top it off my waiter was a total craft beer snob. He had sampled almost all the beers on the menu and made excellent recommendations, helping to guide me through the many local selections from breweries I’m not familiar with. They had 42 on draught including rarities like Rodenbach 2012 Vintage. How often do you see that? I had found a true beer oasis.


I really wasn’t expecting this level of beer haven based on my surroundings, but as I’ve discovered before, looks can be deceiving. I stayed for hours and took a tasting tour of beers from the surrounding area, like Burnt Hickory Big Shanty (Kennesaw, GA), Orpheus Sykophantes (Atlanta, GA) and Southern Sky Alepacolypse (Kennesaw, GA). It was a really great experience and it didn’t hurt that they also had some of the best wings I’ve had in many moons (Yes, I know it’s not a food blog, but they were that good!). So, if you’re ever stranded in Marietta like the crew of Gilligan’s Island, grab The Skipper and Mary-Anne (they’re the 2 funnest castaways to drink with) and head to The Wing Cafe.