Bar Review: Taco Mac (Metropolis Location – Atlanta, GA)

Bar Review of Taco Mac in Atlanta, GA (Metropolis Location).

In a lot of ways Taco Mac is an enigma to me. For starters they are a chain with 29 locations, and the second you walk in it feels like a chain restaurant. Then there is the name “Taco Mac”, which conjures up images of a roadside taco stand, which this place is certainly not. In fact it has the feel of a Sports bar more than a Mexican restaurant, and although they do have tacos on the menu, it is more of a psuedo-mexican tex-mex inspired experience with a large focus on buffalo wings. On its surface it’s not the type of place I would typically enjoy, so why did I go there?


The beer. Oh my god, the beer. They had 134 draughts on the day I was there, with tons of rare and local selections that you’d be hard pressed to find at other establishments in the area. In fact, of all the beer bars I hit on this trip I’d have to say that Taco Mac had the best selection. I find this to be a bit mind-blowing because while you’re sampling all these fine brews you’re tolerating all the distractions, like large family groups with young children, huge projected big screens with loud sporting events on them, waitstaff wearing cheesy uniform polo shirts with plenty of flair (think Office Space), and a menu of uninspired grub (but what do I know, this isn’t a food blog).


Yet, I stayed. In fact, I stayed for quite a while, so maybe their plan is working after all. As glass after glass of deliciously brewed libation washed over my palate and warmed my belly, I reached a fairly euphoric happy place where all of that stuff didn’t seem so bad, and I could joke about it with my barmates as we bantered like the beer snobs we are and carefully made our next selections. Well played Taco Mac, well played.