Recap: Medusa Brewing One Year Anniversary Bash

On Saturday 3/5 I eagerly made my way to Medusa Brewing’s One Year Anniversary Party at their brewery in Hudson, MA. Why was I so eager? Well, as anyone that reads this blog knows, I’m a big fan of Medusa (read article). Once I saw that not only were they having an anniversary party, but they we doing a special oak-aged barrel release along with it, my spidey sense was really tinglin’.


In classic Medusa Fashion, they did not disappoint. The event was from 12-10pm and when we arrived at 1pm they were so busy already it was standing room only. Medusa only serves a few snacks, like soft pretzels, but they were smart enough to get a gourmet grilled cheese food truck to park out front for the duration of the party. There was also live music, a full staff (no long waits even when it was slammed) and other nice touches that added to the experience, but enough about that. I didn’t come here to listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd covers and eat grilled cheese sandwiches, it’s about the beer!


Let’s start with the two barrel-aged beers that were released just for this event. After all, barrel-aged beers are almost always better, much like BBQ’d meats vs. regular meats or Adam Sandler’s first few movies vs. all his other movies. They offered a barrel-aged Witchfinder General (smoked pumpkin stout) and barrel-aged Bad Omen (Belgian Pale Ale w/fruit). Witchfinder General and Bad Omen are beers that they have offered previously (although I had never tried them), but these are their mature cousins. Obviously I tried both, and I have to commend the thought that went into the barrel choices (Witchfinder in a George Dickel Whiskey Barrel and Bad Omen in a French Chardonnay Barrel). Brewers need to realize that barrel selection matters. You shouldn’t just throw every beer in a bourbon barrel and call it a day,… but I’m getting off track.

med1The barrel aged beers were excellent, but if that doesn’t tickle you wicket they had a full lineup of their other beers in virtually every style (more than 15 options), some of which were brought out of retirement for this party (they dug into their special reserves). One of these was the fan-favorite Laser Cat Imperial IPA (read review here), which I had sorely missed, so that was a nice surprise. You can never have enough laser cats…

laser cats

By the time we left (several hours later) there was a line around the block just to get in, almost like people were trying to get Star Wars movie tickets or a new Apple product or something. Come to think of it I have been getting excited about the new Apple iSaber, and that would combine both factions of geekdom into one epic line, but that’s another problem for another day. The Medusa One Year Anniversary Bash was a great event, you shouldn’t have missed it.