Review: Uinta Crooked Line Birthday Suit Sour Plum Abbey Ale

Review of Uinta Crooked Line Birthday Suit Sour Plum Abbey Ale (22nd Anniversary) from Uinta Brewing in Salt Lake City, UT.

Beer Type: Sour Wild Ale  ABV: 7.6%  Tried from bottle.

Their Description: “Cast aside inhibitions and dive into the year’s Birthday Suit, a Sour Abbey Ale brewed with plums and authentic Belgian abbey yeast strain that flaunts complexity and charm. A playful combination of sour tanginess and subtle fruit flavors, this Sour Plum Ale bares it all in honor of Uinta’s 22nd Birthday.”

The Reality: This beer starts with a tart funky scent that has hints of dark fruit and a cloudy, rosy color. The flavor is expectedly sour, with oaky tones and a tangy plum backdrop. On a sour beer scale I’d say this had a “medium” level of sour/funk. Overall it is well-balanced, dry and smooth. Aftertaste has some wine-like tannin character.

Final Verdict: Plums are not the centerpiece of this beer experience, but they do add complexity and balance. You should have no inhibitions about trying this beer unless your tastebuds prefer a lack of stimutaltion, in which case stick to plain white rice, unseasoned boiled chicken and an ice-cold Carlsberg.


This beer isn’t aggresively sour where you feel like your taste buds are being burned off, it’s a nice slightly puckering level of sour. The background oak and wine tones really round it out. As for this beer “bearing it all” for Uinta’s 22nd Birthday, that’s cool and all, but when your 22 you’re old enough for more adult entertainment. Why couldn’t they get Richard Simmons to pop out of a cake or something,… what’s he even up to?!?

dick simmons