Review: Rogue Farms Honey Kolsch

Review of Rogue Farms Honey Kolsch from Rogue Ales in Newport, OR.

Beer Type: Kolsch  ABV: 5%  IBUs: 26  Tried from bottle.

Their Description: “We grow bees. Taste the difference. Situated just across from 40 acres of Rogue hops, 7,140,289 Rogue Farms bees are carefully kept and fed and the honey is uncapped, extracted, filtered and finally infused into a refreshing Honey Kolsch Ale.”

The Reality: This beer starts with a floral malty scent. It has a mild pilsner malt taste that is rounded out and smoothed by the honey. There are nice floral undertones and a very mild sweetness, but not much hoppiness or other bitter tones. It has a clean finish and a pleasant barely-there aftertaste. A crisp refreshing beer, overall.

Final Verdict: They don’t give you much to go on in their description, other than bragging about making their own honey onsite. That’s really cool and all, but does it make the beer taste better? I’d say the answer is yes and no. This is a better beer because of the addition of the honey, for sure. It gives it a more subtle complexity and a smoother mouthfeel. However, I wouldn’t say the honey makes this beer something extraordinary, and I’m not sure you’d be able to tell if they brewed this beer with someone else’s honey or their own. Bottom line, this is a crisp, decent beer that goes down easy, but is forgettable in the grand scheme of things. It’s certainly not unpleasant, but I wouldn’t invite it to come hang out every weekend either, much like a friendly neighbor that’s just a little-too-into Japanese Anime.