Beerlycs: The Perfect Pairing of Craft Beer and Music Lyrics

Welcome to one of our more artistic (and possibly overthought) ideas. We take poignant music lyrics and pair them up with great craft beer, in the hope of creating a zen-like state or a moment of realization or some other new-age experience that is tough to put into words. If your not the ethereal type, you may find it fun, interesting, weird, terrible, etc.

Regardless of your reaction, just take in the experience (it will be brief), let the words sink in along with the beer imagery and see what happens. When you take short bursts of song lyrics completely out of context (certainly not what the artist intended), they can take on new meaning or perhaps you’ll just think of them in a way that you’d hadn’t previously. You might be surprised by its impact or it may just distract you from your mundane day, either way it’s a win.