Brewery Review: Northampton Brewery Bar & Grille (Northampton, MA)

Brewery Review of Northampton Brewery Bar & Grille in Northampton, MA.

The Northampton Brewery is a large full-service restaurant & brewery that’s nestled right in the downtown of trendy Northampton, MA. These days, breweries tend to fall into a few specific categories, and Northampton Brewery would fall into the category of a really good restaurant that also happens to make their own beer. There’s no doubt that the full restaurant experience is priority #1, over things like experimentation and distribution. They are similar in that way to Whetstone Station in Brattleboro, VT (read review here).

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That doesn’t mean they don’t make good beer. The day I was there I had 9 selections to choose from, and I got the impression that 9-10 selections was pretty typical for them. I tried 3 different options and they were all good quality tasty beers. They also offer growler fills for the to-go customer, but if you were looking for a quaint taproom or hidden gem tasting room with limited hours that only beer jedi’s know about and you need the secret password to get in (it’s “Blunderbuss”, by the way), then you’ve come to the wrong place. This restaurant is quite large and has a full bar, as well as outdoor seating, and seems to be bustling at most hours.


Where does Northampton Brewery fit in when it comes to being a craft beer seeker? Well, anyone looking for a great craft beer scene should at some point head to the Northampton/Amherst Massachusetts area, which is replete with small breweries and great beer bars. If you’re going to make a day of it and hit up several places, you’ll need to eat at some point, and this is no doubt when you should visit Northampton Brewery. I’ve been to most of the great places out there and although this isn’t a food blog, they have the best food and most diverse menu. On top of that you can try a couple new beers from them while you’re at it, which makes this the perfect middle stop on a brew-crawl.


It’s also a great atmosphere for larger groups. If you want to go out with 6-8 friends, and they’re not all as beer-snobbish as you are, Northampton Brewery is a great destination. Everyone will enjoy the dining experience, they can easily accommodate groups of that size or larger and you get great beer that’s made in-house, while your group can get any type of drink that it wants (including the famous North-AMP-ton cocktail, made from Amp Energy Drink, Jagermeister, Apricot Brandy and splash of Pickle Brine,… yummy).