Beer Battle #2: Stone Cali-Belgique IPA Vs. Stone Go To IPA

Today’s Battle:

In this corner, wearing gold trunks and eating a Belgian waffle: Stone Cali-Belgique IPA


In the opposite corner, wearing orange trunks and wanting to be picked first: Stone Go To IPA

Number of Beer Snob Squad Judges: 3

When the bell rings both beers dance around trying to size each other up. It’s a Stone vs. Stone battle, with both being IPAs and having similar fighting styles. Go To is the first to strike, landing bold citrus-scented slaps on Cali-Belgique’s face. He tries to follow up with stronger blows, but they fail to connect due to his weak flavor and ABV. Cali-Belgique senses the weakness and lands a series of savory saison-like leg kicks and uses a dry finish leg sweep to take Go To down to the mat. Once on the ground both fighters try to assume a dominant grappling position, but Cali-Belgique’s pilsner malt notes and Go To’s barely-there aftertaste just end up getting tangled, with no one having the upper hand. This goes on until the match is over and it goes to the judges table for a decision.

AND THE WINNER IS: Stone Cali-Belgique IPA (2-1 Judges Decision)

stone cali wwe

Due to it being a judges decision, neither side is able to execute a “finishing move”.

Why Stone Cali-Belgique won: In the end the judges deemed Cali-Belgique to be more flavorful and a bit more complex, determining that they would prefer to drink it again over Go To.

Why Stone Go To lost: It was very close, but Go To had a slight “watered-down” quality to it, and although it had a superior scent, that acted as more of a let down when the flavor didn’t deliver on the promise.