Review: Northampton Brewery Kung Fu Grip IPA

Review of Northampton Brewery Kung Fu Grip IPA from Northampton Brewery in Northampton, MA.

Beer Type: IPA  ABV: 5.9%  Tried on draught.

Their Description: “IPA showcasing Amarillo and Millennium hops”.

The Reality: It’s really tough to argue with their description, as it is more or less a statement of fact, so let’s move on to what the beer is actually like. It starts off with a bright hop scent that has notes of citrus. It is light-bodied with very crisp hop flavor up front, but not bitter. Citrus (possible orange) pith undertones, but with no tartness. Finishes clean and quick with an aftertaste that is gone before it’s ever really there. Drinks easy, like a session IPA, but with full ABV. I found this beer to be quite refreshing on my palate.

Final Verdict: During my time at Northampton Brewery I was able to sample several of their IPAs and this one was my favorite. It’s really not that bitter at all, as IPAs go, and went down easy. The flavors all work together nicely and the finished product is bright and very drinkable. This is a beer you could end up finishing 4 pints of before you realized it. I’m not really sure why they chose the name “Kung Fu Grip” for this beer, but I went back and researched the old 1960s G.I. Joe action figure that was the first to come with “Kung Fu Grip”, and I have to admit, it looks like his hand is just begging for a beer bottle.

G.I. Joe