Brewery Review: Medusa Brewing (Hudson, MA)

Brewery Review of Medusa Brewing Co. in Hudson, MA.


As a lover of all things craft beer, I enjoy going to great gastropubs with excellent craft beer selections or full service restaurants that also make their own beer, but sometimes you just want to go to a place that is singularly beer-focused. Medusa Brewing Co. is that place. I first noticed them at the WZLX Craft Beer Festival in Worcester, MA back in June and even awarded them “Best in Show”, so you knew it wouldn’t be too long before we found ourselves fully immersed in their Hudson, MA taproom.


The first thing you’ll notice when you enter is that it’s actually a bigger space than you expect. Many on-site brewery taprooms have limited seating or a small bar, but Medusa has a large bar and extra rooms with plenty of seating. If a high school baseball team came in after a game to grab some pints, they’d be thrown out for being underage, but if that wasn’t an issue there would still be enough room for everyone else. This tasting room just opened back in March, and they took the time to do things right. The atmosphere was welcoming, the servers were knowledgeable, and an emphasis on quality beer is present in every aspect of the experience.


Speaking of the beer, they only serve their own, and they had 8 draught choices available on the day we went (and that seems like a pretty typical amount for them on any given day). The styles ranged from imperial IPA, to English porter, to cream ale, to stout aged on cocoa nibs, all served in the appropriate glassware. The even have single hop pale ales known as “solo projects”. They offer flights, and I took full advantage, making sure to try everything they had available. Obviously their were some beers that I favored over others, but I couldn’t have been more pleased with the overall quality and craftsmanship. Every one of their styles had something unique about it that made it interesting and often memorable, and makes me realize that their brewmaster is a person with skills. If you compared their skill to getting hit with baseballs, they’d be the Hughie Jennings (MLB All-Time Hit-By-Pitch leader) of brewing.


The only things about this brewery you could point to as possible drawbacks are the food situation and the parking. As I mentioned before, this place is beer-centric and not a restaurant, so there is no food menu. I don’t see this as a huge issue though, as they do offer a few snacks like soft pretzels and nuts to keep your appetite at bay, and they are located right on the main drag in downtown Hudson, with several great eateries within walking distance (I would check out Rail Trail Flatbread Co. if I were you). As for the parking, it can be tricky at peak hours as they do not have a devoted parking lot, but there are enough public lots nearby that I wouldn’t let it be a concern, unlike the Fiery Ghost Pepper Loaded Burrito from Taco Bell that you’re planning to try on the way home, that should be a concern.


I’m not blowing smoke when I tell you that Medusa is one of the best new breweries in Massachusetts, and I can assure you that this beer goddess won’t turn you to stone, although you may wish she did, because then you’d never have to leave.