Head-to-Head Beer Battles: Coming Soon!

I have received feedback from many of our readers stating that they would like some kind of scoring or points system to accompany our reviews, or at the very least some kind of competition between beers, as well as more insight into our subjective opinion on specific beers. While we will never institute a scoring system for reviews because it goes against our mission statement (read How We Review Beer), we thought a little friendly competition might spice things up a bit, so we’re introducing a new series called “Beer Battles”.

This series will be different from a lot of our other blog posts, because we will be judging beers strictly based on our opinion and personal tastes. We will select two random beers (usually from a similar style, company, etc.) and at least three Beer Snob Squad contributors will act as judges and drink both beers simultaneously, then decide which one they like the best. If a judge doesn’t really like either beer, the criteria will be which beer would they rather drink again if they had to pick. The beer that gets the majority of votes wins the battle.

We will then tell you why we preferred the beer that won, probably throw in a few funny anecdotes and obscure references and call it a day. Speaking of obscure references, did you know the best-selling beer in Latvia is Aldaris?