Review: Mystic Descendant 2011 (Cellar Aged)

Review of Mystic Descendant 2011 (Cellar Aged) by Mystic Brewery in Chelsea, MA.

Beer Type: Dark Ale  ABV: 7.0%  Tried from bottle.

Their Description: “Black saison/Belgian-style porter, brewed with molasses. Cellared 3.5 years.”

The Reality: This beer pours black as night and has a strong scent of dark fruit with some tartness. The taste is a rich roasted malt mixed with tart dark fruit/berry flavors that drinks much lighter than you expect while still being full-bodied and smooth. Also, the scent is stronger than the taste, which happens to be an excellent balance of flavors. The finish is dry and features roasted and tart notes in equal measure. The aftertaste is so well calculated that your mouth demands more.

Final Verdict: Mystic really hit one out the park with this beer. It is awesomely complex and yet really approachable at the same time. The fact that it drinks so light for a beer that is so dark is also a neat trick. The tart notes keep your tongue longing for this beer between sips, or at least that was my experience (maybe I have a problem). I suppose if you age something in your cellar for 3.5 years it had better be good. The only thing that has been aging in my cellar that long is musty boxes filled with old “Buns of Steel” workout videos, and no one wants those.