Review: Tree House Julius IPA

Review of Tree House Julius IPA from Tree House Brewing in Monson, MA.

Beer Type: India Pale Ale (IPA)  ABV: 6.8%  Tried from can.

Their Description: “Bursting with 1.6 oz per gallon of American hops, Julius is loaded with notes of passionfruit, mango, and citrus.  At 6.8% alcohol, it is refreshing and freakishly drinkable.”

The Reality: This beer starts with a strong scent of orange and fresh hops. It is unfiltered with an orange flavor you always know is there but is never dominant, and a mild bitterness that pervades as well. The passionfruit and mango notes they mention are there, but very subtle, and I would’ve just said “tropical fruit” hints. The blend of hops in this beer is lovely and provides a finish and aftertaste that are reminiscent of bitter orange pith and zest. The end product has a level of refreshment that many IPAs lack. This beer is well-balanced and smooth.

Final Verdict: This IPA is right in my wheelhouse, with an interesting blend of hops, not a crazy level of bitterness and nice citrus undertones. It still has a good kick at 6.8% ABV but drinks nice and easy. It’s not the Dr. J’s Slam Dunkelweizen I envisioned in my article “Epic Beer Names: Part 1“, but I still think Julius Irving would approve of this namesake beer. Or at the very least he’d approve of it more than the original idea of a Julius Caesar IPA, brewed with romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese and anchovies.

Dr. J