Review: Citizen Dirty Mayor Hard Cider

Review of Citizen Dirty Mayor Hard Cider from Citizen Cider in Burlington, VT.

Type: Hard Apple Cider  ABV: 6.9%  Tried from can.

Their Description: “We offer this cider to the honorable and fully infamous mayor of the only non-town in America, Fort Ethan Allen, USA. The mayor likes his cider with a ginger nip, so in our current effort to ensure local harmony and diplomacy we offer this cider up to the mayor and his fellow citizens.”

The Reality: This cider has an aroma of apple, ginger and spice. The flavor of fresh ginger is pronounced up front and throughout. This is a semi-sweet cider where the apple takes a bit of a back seat to the ginger, giving it a slightly sweeter profile. It finishes semi-dry but some sweet notes linger on the tongue for a bit. The ginger does taste fresh and not artificial.

Final Verdict: There is no doubt that Citizen Cider is a great craft cidery that produces quality products, but this is not my favorite of their selections. I feel it is a bit too sweet and unbalanced towards the ginger, but that is just my opinion. For those who enjoy a sweeter spiced style, this might be for you. Maybe you think I’m being over-critical, after all it is a ginger cider, it’s going to be more sweet, right? Unfortunately I’ve been spoiled, and had ginger apple ciders like 2 Towns Ginger Ninja, which manages to achieve a perfect balance for my palate. Also the balance between ginger and apple flavor could be more even in The Dirty Mayor. Come to think of it, when I first heard “dirty mayor”, for some reason my mind immediately jumped to Mayor McCheese,… there was always something dirty about that guy.