How Salma Hayek Can Bolster Your Beer Business

Whether you are brewing or blogging, the world of craft beer has never been more competitive. There are more microbrews in the U.S. now than at any other point in history, and as a result beer writers/bloggers aren’t far behind. So how do you carve a niche and capture a slice of the market share? More specifically, how do you get traffic to come to your blog? These are the questions up-and-coming beer bloggers like myself are always asking, and I may have stumbled upon a ridiculous answer.

salma hayek 2

I’ve always taken the approach of putting out a lot of quality content, with variety and humor. I figured if I did enough of this and stayed active on social media, than the readers would come, and for the most part that’s been true (our readership has grown every month since inception), but it’s also important to realize where your traffic is coming from. I recently dug into my analytics to see what web searches were bringing people to my site. I looked at the last quarter (May-July), and not surprisingly some of the top searches were “Mayflower Squanto” and “Jack’s Abby Hoponius Union“, which were beer reviews that I wrote, but then there was the top search, which had brought twice as many people to my site as any other, and it was “Salma Hayek hot”.


Why are so many people that are just googling for hot pics of Salma Hayek ending up on my beer blog? Well, as it turns out, back on May 5th I wrote a Cinco de Mayo post titled “Cinco de Mayo reminds us of our fallen friend, Tequiza“, and happened to reference Salma Hayek and use an image of her. For some reason in the world of search engine SEO that pic became the 3rd pic you’d see on google images if you googled “Salma Hayek hot“, and if you clicked on the photo it brought you to, and that specific article. I have no idea how the internet works in that regard, but I’m certainly not complaining about the free referrals. Then I started thinking, if Salma Hayek is so good for business, I should start working in other shameless plugs for attractive celebrities. Maybe I’ll just start casually dropping them in, like:

“I recently tried Square One Spicy Blonde Ale from Square One Brewery in St. Louis, MO. I couldn’t help but think of my favorite spicy blonde, Mr. Chris Hemsworth.”


“I’d have to say that Road Jam Raspberry Wheat from Two Roads Brewing is one of the most refreshing beers you can drink when you’re only wearing a leather jacket. I’m sure January Jones would agree.”

January Jones

Dragon’s Breath from Bayern Brewing is one of the best Dark Hefeweizen’s I’ve tried, but how close is it to actual Dragon’s Breath? I bet Emilia Clarke would now…”

emilia clake

This strategy would probably work for craft brewers as well. They could try to attract attention to their beers and websites with clever name dropping and provocative labels. It could be smart marketing to create beers like:

Christina Hendricks‘ Bombshell Double Red Ale. “Even the guys from Mad Men couldn’t come up with a better way to advertise this beer”.

christina hendricks

Channing Tatum’s Six-Pack of Hunkin’ Pumpkin Ale. “Brewed on the set of Magic Mike 3, to ensure his authentic musk ends up in every bottle”.

channing tatum

I have no doubt that all the readers and consumers would quickly see past this salacious ploy, which is why I won’t end up using it. After all, I have standards, dammit! However, that won’t stop this post from getting a gazillion non-beer-related clicks. Oops. Well, now you know how Salma Hayek can help your beer business, use the information wisely.