Review: Medusa Solo Project Hull Melon Pale Ale

Review of Medusa Solo Project Hull Melon Pale Ale from Medusa Brewing Co. in Hudson, MA.

Beer Type: Pale Ale  ABV: 6.3%  Tried on draught.

Their Description: “This round of our single-hopped pale ale series features Hull Melon, a recent, unique hop from Germany with gentle notes of honeydew melon and berry.”

The Reality: It starts with a fresh melon malt scent, and is followed by a balanced flavor mix of light malt and hop bitterness with an underlying current of green melon. The melon is very subtle, but provides the hook that keeps you coming back for more sips and keeps this beer interesting. This beer is super smooth, medium bodied and the aftertaste has a melon rind quality. All of the flavors play equal parts and none are bold.

Final Verdict: Exploring the seemingly endless world of hops is never a bad idea, and Medusa wanted to show you the flavor profile of a single hop variety rather than the typical multi-hop blend of most beers. The results in this case are really good, in my opinion. The Hull Melon was a good hop to showcase and really provides an interesting flavor profile that is not present in most pale ales, or even most beers for that matter. The faint melon notes really round out this already well-balanced beer and give it a smooth mouth feel that I really appreciated. One thing is for sure, if you’ve got this beer in your fridge you’ll never feel melancholy.