Epic Beer Names (Part 4): Sophomoric Humor Edition

In the competitive world of craft and microbrewing, breweries are always looking for new and creative ways to make their beer jump off the shelf and into your shopping cart. One of the ways they do that is with clever names/packaging, and occasionally they stumble upon something truly epic. When they do, we bring it to you here.


Today’s Epic Beer Name: Two Brothers Kick ‘Em In the Pilz Imperial Pilsner from Two Brothers Artisan Brewing in Warrenville, IL. This beer name is epic just as much for the label art as it is for the name, and who doesn’t love a combo of potty humor and childish violence? I’m really surprised they didn’t base a series of beers on similar puns, especially when you consider the other obvious choices:

Football to the Grain (Wheat Ale): “It’s a classic that hits you right where it counts.”

simpsons good

My Pumps, My Pumps, My Lovely Lady Lumps (Pumpkin Ale): “I’m gonna get you love drunk off my pump”.

Porterd in the Punch Bowl (Fruit Porter): “We’ve bottled it for your convenience”. punchbowl

Take a Golden Sour (Sour Ale): “For those who prefer something unconventional”. willy

Now You’re Messin’ With A Saison of a Bitch! “Sometimes you need a little Hair of the Dog that bit you”.

As always, these ideas come free of charge, and if you’re wildly successful you can compensate me in any way you think is fair (I wouldn’t object to a case of beer). If you lose business because your customers find all these beer names offensive, that’s what you get for listening to an online blogger.