Bar Review: Brewer’s Fork (Charlestown, MA)

Bar Review of Brewer’s Fork in Charlestown, MA



  • 30 beers on draught
  • All draught beers are micro brews and range from very local to international
  • Great atmosphere with exposed brick, an open kitchen (with wood burning oven) and upscale modern touches
  • Bartenders are very knowledgeable about the beer
  • It’s a small venue with a cozy “locals” feel.
  • An overall emphasis on freshness and quality in both the beer and food selections

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  • The prices are high. When you combine a downtown city location and rare hard-to-find draught beers, you had better be prepared to pay up (but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it).
  • The Parking: This bar is nestled in a congested city neighborhood, so parking is at a premium.

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Final Verdict: I didn’t know it was possible for a bar to feel like a great local neighborhood hangout and feel like a true travel destination at the same time, but this bar manages to do it. When you’re there, the small cozy room and rustic gastropub menu make you feel like you’ve found a hidden gem that only the people living nearby know about, yet at the same time the amazing beer selection and attention to detail makes this a place worthy of planning a trip to. I live almost 1.5 hours away, and I would make plans to come here again, without a doubt. It also feels like a bar designed specifically for beer snobs, but in the best way possible. So I emphatically encourage you to “Go get forked!”,… at Brewer’s Fork.


*To the owners of Brewer’s Fork: When the “Get Forked” line of branded merchandise takes off, I’d simply ask for a 20% commission and free beer from time to time. Thanks.