Review: Two Roads Road 2 Ruin Double IPA

Review of Two Roads Road 2 Ruin Double IPA from Two Roads Brewing Co. in Stratford, CT.

Beer Type: Double IPA  ABV: 8.0%  Tried from bottle.

Their Description: “A big, hoppy IPA with plenty of bite! Our assertive, hop-centric Double IPA has a lean malt backdrop and is brewed with four American hop varieties – Summit, Palisade, Cascade and Magnum. Piney, citrus, floral, not-for-the-timid!”

The Reality: Starts with a heavy hop and pine scent. Flavor is a strong hop blend with bitter and pine notes and a faint touch of citrus pith. It does have “plenty of bite” and it is “assertive”, but I’m still trying to decide if that made this a better beer or not. I didn’t find this beer to be that floral, and the citrus is there, but buried. It finishes very hoppy with a bitter aftertaste that lingers.

Final Verdict: I believe this is a decent quality double IPA, but nothing outstanding. It is hop-centric and has a pretty bold flavor, so if that’s the type of double IPA you gravitate towards, maybe you should give this one a try. I didn’t find it to be balanced between the piney, citrus and floral notes, as they insinuate. The bitter hoppy pineyness definitely is the most forward flavor. As for their claim that this beer is “not-for-the-timid!”, I tried giving one to Milton from Office Space to see what he thought of it, but he seems to be M.I.A.