Review: Whetstone Station Fruhling Kolsch

Review of Whetstone Station Fruhling Kolsch from Whetstone Station Brewery in Brattleboro, VT.

Beer Type: Kolsch  ABV: 4.9%  IBUs: 24.5  Tried on draught.

Their Description: “One could say that the Kölsch is Germany’s answer to the British Pale Ale. Fermented with an authentic yeast strain and brewed with local malt and American hops, this beer is light, well-balanced, and very refreshing. We’re happy to share this traditional Cologne brew with you. Prost!”

The Reality: It has a faint and indistinct aroma. The flavor carries a light maltiness upfront with qualities of breadiness, but yet the beer drinks quite light. It is nicely carbonated, with a light caramel color and it is balanced. The finish is clean and the aftertaste fades quick, so when they say the beer is “light” and “very refreshing”, I wouldn’t argue with them.

Final Verdict: They point out that Kolsch may be Germany’s answer to British Pale Ale, and while I can’t verify that, this beer certainly drinks like a British Pale Ale. Unfortunately it drinks like a boring, forgettable British Pale Ale. It’s not a bad beer, just a beer I feel like I’ve had a hundred times before. If you like British Pale Ale or traditional kolsch, I don’t think you’ll have any complaints about this beer. However, it would’ve been more exciting to try the German version of dance music and alcoholic energy drinks.