Bar Review: Tom’s Urban (Las Vegas, NV)

Bar Review of Tom’s Urban at the New York New York Casino in Las Vegas, NV.


  • They had 36 beers on draught with many local offerings.
  • They offer every beer in 16 oz, 22 oz and 33 oz sizes!
  • The bartending staff was very knowledgable and made appropriate suggestions after getting to know my tastes.
  • Clean and modern atmosphere that’s still comfortable.
  • It has access from both the outside and the New York New York casino floor, so if your staying at the hotel, popping down for a pint is a breeze.
  • The Hours. I’m not sure this place ever closes. I was drinking a beer in there at 2am, and I noticed a sign saying they open at 6am (but no closing time listed), so when they shut down I’m not sure.



  • It’s a bit pricey because it’s located on the Vegas Strip
  • 10 of their 36 draughts were from MacroBrews (although there were still plenty of good things to choose from).
  • There is no beer offered in a size smaller than 16 oz, even high ABV beers like Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA (9.0% ABV). Imagine ordering a 33 oz draught of that!


Final Verdict: For a city that is still discovering its craft beer identity (read “Las Vegas, A Beer City Approaching Puberty“), it can be tough to find a bar that has a selection of craft beer as good as Tom’s Urban. If you research the best beer spots in Las Vegas, it won’t come up, but what your research won’t tell you as that all the good places are very spread out over the desert landscape. So as you stagger through the heat and sweltering Nevada sun on your way to those few prized beer locales, you may want to stop into Tom’s Urban for a cold one. Believe me, you could do worse.