Review: Citizen Unified Press Hard Cider

Review of Citizen Unified Press Hard Cider from Citizen Cider in Burlington, VT.

Type: Hard Apple Cider  ABV: 6.2%  Tried on draught.

Their Description: “Made from 100% locally sourced apples, never from concentrate, the Unified Press is Citizen Cider’s flagship cider that keeps you wondering where it’s been your whole life. This naturally gluten-free cider is an off-dry, crisp, clean and refreshing cider that keeps you coming back.”

The Reality: This cider has a very light pale color and a straightforward scent of tart apples. It is off-dry, and maintains a nice balance of tart-sweet throughout until the finish, which has a sour tart kick that hits the back of your tongue. It is crisp and clean, as described, and drinks light and refreshing. This cider has no fillers or extra flavors, it is just the taste that can be developed from the right blend of apples.

Final Verdict: The craft cider community is still in its infancy compared to the craft beer community, but if it is going to blossom, it’s going to need more ciders like this one. Unified Press is Citizen’s “flagship cider”, basically the staple of their lineup, or “everyday cider”, and that’s exactly how it drinks. You could enjoy this cider any day, regardless of mood, because it’s well-balanced (not too tart or too sweet), drinks light and easy and gives you that nice sour kick at the end that makes you go back for more. This is the first cider I’ve tried from Citizen and I had to drive to Vermont to get it, but if this is any indicator of the type of products they are churning out, I can’t wait to try more. They say Unified Press is the “cider that keeps you wondering where it’s been your whole life”, much like my flying car, ray gun, robot butler and title of Mr. Scarlett Johansson.