Review: DuPont Triomfbier

Review of DuPont Triomfbier from Brasserie DuPont in Tourpes, Belgium.

Beer Type: Smoked Beer  ABV: 6%  Tried on draught.

Their Description (translated): “On the occasion of its 100th anniversary, the Kunstencentrum Vooruit of Ghent wished to remind of its brewing activity of the early 20th Century. In this context, the Brewery Dupont was requested to create a beer according to their wishes. Given the success of this new beer during this event, the brewery started to produce it for all its consumers. Amber-colored organic beer, dry and bitter with a smoky (or more specifically peaty) note in taste and flavor. This phenolic characteristic is obtained by using a low percentage of malt specially dried with Scottish peat (whisky malt).”

The Reality: This beer gives off a musty clothing smell, but don’t let that dissuade you. It has a clear light-amber color and starts with mild malt and hop flavors that become enveloped by a smoky savory cloud. An extra dry finish blows the smoke away with a slighty bitter aftertaste. It has a medium body and doesn’t drink too heavy. I know the smoky flavor comes from peat used to make scotch, but it honestly has more of a campfire profile than malt whisky.

Final Verdict: Smoked Beer or Rauchbier is one of my favorite styles and is widely underused in the craft beer community. I enjoyed this rendition, but felt it was slightly unbalanced in favor of the smoky profile, but a good beer nonetheless. It will definitely engage your palate in a way that most beers won’t. In fact, after his newest triumph, Commander McBragg likes to kick back and recount the tale with his trusty pipe and a glass of DuPont Triomfbier. Isn’t that right, Commander?