Epic Beer Names (Part 2.5): 90’s Rap Remix

A few weeks ago we posted “Epic Beer Names (Part 2)“, which revolved around Orange Blossom Brewing’s Weisse Weisse Baby. Since that post, I’ve had many people sending me messages and letting me know that Weisse Weisse Baby isn’t the only homage to a 1990’s rapper. As it turns out, Gilgamesh Brewing in South Salem, OR puts out DJ Jazzy Hef and Fresh Prince of Ales (Double IPA).


In the previous post we had already suggested an MC Hammer themed beer, but thought maybe it was time to take it to the next level and give Gilgamesh Brewing all the beer ideas they’ll need to round out their 1990’s rapper collection.


Sir Mix-A-Lot: Baby Got Bock. “I like big bocks and I cannot lie…”


Digital Underground: Do the Humpty Pump! (Pumpkin Ale). “My name is Humpty, pronounced with a Umpty. After drinking this beer I know you’ll let me hump thee.”


Coolio: Gangsta’s Para-Weisse. “The one beer that will take you on a Fantastic Voyage.”


Ice Cube: Natural Born Pilsnaz. “Journey with me into the mind of a maniac, doomed to make a pilsner since I came out the nutsac.”

dr. dre

Dr. Dre: Nuthin’ but a Wee Thang (Wee Heavy Scotch Ale). “I’m don’t always make headphones, but when I do, I prefer drinking this beer while doing it.”

Well, that should be enough to get them started. You can thank me later, Gilgamesh Brewing. As always, these ideas come free of charge, and if you’re wildly successful you can compensate me in any way you think is fair, and if you get sued for copyright infringement, I’m just a guy writing a funny blog.