Review: LoverBeer Madamin Sour Amber Ale

Review of LoverBeer Madamin Sour Amber Ale from LoverBeer di Valter Loverier in Torino, Italy

Beer Type: Sour Amber Ale  ABV: 5.7%  Tried on draught.

Their Description (translated): “Beer from the amber color, the nose reveals notes that anticipate vinous fruity red currant, as well as those typical of wild yeasts (brettanomyces) and those arising from the use of wood. The taste is pleasant and easy to drink with peaks lactic never aggressive and well-balanced by fruity notes of cherry, bitter almond and white peach. Beer eclectic, perfect aperitif with appetizers and selected with prosciutto and melon, will be honored at the table with more elaborate dishes such as veal with tuna sauce and stir-fry Piedmont.”

The Reality: The beer is a cloudy reddish-brown color with a mild funk and wood scent. The solid sour funk flavor is present throughout, but is mellowed by the mild oak aged sweetness. I didn’t detect many of the fruit notes (cherry, white peach) mentioned, but maybe I could agree to a touch of “bitter almond”. Overall, I found the beer to have more savory notes, like wine tannin and a bit of leather in the finish. This beer was very smooth and complex.

Final Verdict: When I saw this oak aged sour amber ale from Italy on a draught list, I wasn’t sure what to think, but after trying it I have to say I was impressed with the craftsmanship and complexity of flavors. This is the type of beer that you’d expect to find coming out of some historic Belgian brewery due to the style and quality. When you taste it there is no doubt its a sour beer, but the sweetness from the oak aging and the richness from the savory elements gives this beer an awesome balance with many layers of flavor to enjoy. This beer is so good that when the creators of Pokemon tried it, they immediately created and loveable inebriated character named “Madamin” with a magic beer bottle. You should look for him in the upcoming Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon video game (coming Winter 2015).