John Oliver Keeps Earning His Honorary Membership

A few weeks ago we made John Oliver of HBO’s Last Week Tonight an Honorary Member of the Beer Snob Squad for a skit done on the show which mocked Bud Light and their “Up For Whatever” campaign (full post here). On the most recent episode of the show, he reinforced the fact that we’d made the right choice.

During a rant against FIFA and their President Sepp Blatter, he told Budweiser that if they helped get Blatter removed from office (Budweiser is a major FIFA sponsor), that he would drink any one of their “disgusting” items including Bud Light Lime. His exact quote was, “I will even drink a Bud Light Lime, despite the fact that all the lime in the world cannot disguise the fact that it tastes like a puddle beneath a Long John Silver’s dumpster.”

Well, shortly after the show aired Sepp Blatter did resign, and Oliver says he will drink a Bud Light Lime on this week’s episode, as he is a man of his word. He’s also a man that is willing to tell the world’s largest beer producer that their beer is swill, then challenge them to make meaningful world change. He realizes that Budweiser’s true value is their influence not their products, and that’s why we love him.