Review: Mayflower Squanto Farmhouse Ale

Review of Mayflower (Cooper’s Series) Squanto Farmhouse Ale from Mayflower Brewing in Plymouth, MA.

Beer Type: Farmhouse Ale  ABV: 6%  IBUs: 25  Tried from bottle.

Their Description: “This saison pays tribute to Tisquantum (Squanto), a Patuxet who helped the Pilgrims recover from a hard first winter by teaching them native methods of cultivation.”

  • Color Straw
  • Aroma Spicy, peppery, earthy
  • Finish Dry

The Reality: This beer is light and clear with very little head, and a scent of mild citrus. The flavor is crisp with mild subtle citrus notes that give way to a faint peppery undercurrent. There is a nice slightly off “funk” to this beer that hits the back of your tongue. It has a grounded earthiness and slight bitterness that add to the refreshment level. The aftertaste is brief and dry. I can’t say if this beer is an appropriate tribute to Squanto and his native methods of cultivation, but they got the rest of the description right.


Final Verdict: This beer is a very good representation of the farmhouse style, and has a lot of nice savory touches that make it distinct. It’s refreshing in a different sort of way, and engages taste buds that often lay dormant from underuse. It drinks light and invites you to have more after each sip. If they had alcohol at the first Thanksgiving it was most like hard apple cider, but if any time-traveling pilgrim has had a chance to try this beer, I’m sure he wishes they’d had this instead.