Holy Manitoba, Batman! Craft Breweries can now have Taprooms!

Breaking News: The Province of Manitoba, Canada is finally going to allow craft breweries to open tasting or taprooms on-site. Click Here to read all about it! (Winnipeg Free Press article).

As a supporter of craft beer and the microbrewery culture, we are thrilled with this decision, but this also creates another possibility that many of you probably haven’t considered. Craft beer lovers often take beer trips or beer tours in certain geographic areas. For instance, this summer I’m planning to go up to the Portland, ME area and I’ll hit Maine Beer Co., Allagash, Novare Res Bier Cafe among others. These little trips are pilgrimages of sorts, and I’ve done them in Seattle, San Francisco, Portland & Eugene (OR), Burlington, VT, Western Montana, Alaska, Western Massachusetts, Vancouver, Sweden, Norway, etc. It’s a great excuse to travel and see the world, which is something I love to do anyway.

So, what’s my point? Well, beer lovers, we now have the opportunity to make a journey to Manitoba, a place we never would’ve gone to otherwise. The entire province of Manitoba only has 10 cities that have a population of 7,500 or more, with the largest being Winnipeg at 663,000 and the 2nd largest being Brandon at 46,000. Their tourism website touts things such as “cheer on the chuck wagons on your way to photograph the lily capital of the world” and “Stumble upon 100 year old Ukrainian churches tucked away among the rolling hills of Riding Mountain”. Let’s not forget The Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, which sounds like an uplifting jaunt for the whole family.


Let’s face it, I would’ve lived my whole life and never gone to Manitoba, and not cared. Now, with the implementation of taprooms at their breweries, not only would I go, I almost feel the need to go and support the new law, not to mention I’m enamored with the sheer obscurity of planning a beer tour of Manitoba. So where would we go? Well, I give the places a little time to get their tasting rooms up and running, and then here’s my itinerary:

1. I’m going to fly into Winnipeg (like I have a choice), and head to my first stop, Half Pints Brewing Company. I’d really like to get my hands on their Isolator Dopplebock and Humulus Ludicrous Double IPA.

2. I’m gonna fly back, because no matter how many different websites I thumb through I can find no other microbreweries in Manitoba (other than Fort Garry Brewing, which doesn’t interest me that much), so I guess that’s it.

Unless someone knows more about Manitoba than what’s on the internet, it looks like maybe we should wait a few years for Manitoba to catch up to their new law. I’ll set a reminder to batarang back around to this subject after enough time has passed.