Brewery Review: Framingham Beer Works (Framingham, MA)

Brewery Review of Framingham Beer Works in Framingham, MA

Framingham beer works is part of a Massachusetts brewery chain based in Boston (Boston Beer Works). The great news is that although this looks more like a restaurant, they do make their own beer, and have a selection of 20 taps. The interior is done in a contemporary industrial motif with lots of stainless steel and modern lighting. Everything was bright and clean with views of the vats above, and although I tend to prefer a dimly lit Olde Style Pub, I didn’t mind the decor here. The bar itself is large with plenty of seating, and although we came on a fairly quiet Sunday afternoon, you probably would be able to get your order taken even if the bar were packed.


Now on to the important part, the beer. Almost all of their 20 taps are made in-house, with a wide selection of styles. I really liked both of the beers I tried (Champagne Du Nord Sour Wheat and Velvet Hammah Stout). The Velvet Hammah was particularly noteworthy because it was aged in bourbon barrels with sour cherries. Whether or not you like that style of beer, it’s a good sign, because it shows that a brewery is passionate about their craft and not just pumping out generic Pale Ales and Lagers. I think it’s safe to say that Framingham Beer Works worked for me and is worthy of your patronage.