Review: Beer Works Velvet Hammah Stout

Review of Beer Works Velvet Hammah Stout from Beer Works Brewery in Boston, MA

Beer Type: Stout  ABV: 7.8%  Tried on draught.

Their Description: There is no official description as this beer does not appear on their website and has never been sold in bottles. It was a limited release at the brewery only. The chalkboard did refer to it as “barrel-aged with sour cherries”.

The Reality: A medium head and a scent of oak, bourbon and cherry. The first sip reveals flavors of bourbon and dark chocolate and then the back of your tongue gets hit with strong cherry tartness. This beer as a heavy full body that is silky, creamy and smooth. The finish is full of sour cherry notes that cleanse the palate and leave a pleasant aftertaste.

Final Verdict: It’s important to note that even though this beer is barrel-aged with sour cherries, it is not a sour beer. The sour cherries are designed to balance the sweet bourbon and chocolate flavors and they do it well. The tartness makes this beer feel lighter than it is. This beer is well-crafted and would make a great after dinner beer. Maybe have a few while spinning some vintage smooth jazz records, and before you know it that velvet hammah will melt into a velvet fog.