A Genie still owed me a wish, and granted me the Beer Exchange

Yesterday I posted a long-winded article about how the world needs an Underground Beer Exchange Program, and today my wish was granted (I guess a genie still owed me one). Actually, I was made aware that one already existed by the folks over at The Beer Exchange (web and mobile app), and I was just oblivious to it. If I had even taken the time to google the phrase “beer exchange”, it would’ve been the first thing that came up. How could I have been so blind? Maybe I didn’t have a genie on my side, maybe it was actually Gazoo practicing his brand of mischief and obfuscating my mind from the truth.


Regardless of the reason, The Beer Exchange is an awesome app, and everything I was looking for. You can go to their website, follow them on Facebook or on twitter @BeerExchangeApp.