The Sour Beer Slow Train Finally Arrives at the Northeast Station

A few weeks back I wrote an article titled “The Sour Beer Revolution: On the Slow Train from West to East“. Well, it looks like someone shoveled a few extra loads of coal into the boiler, because that train may have finally arrived. There is a recent story on the BeerAdvocate Forum titled “Mystic Brewery to build dedicated wild ale facility in Massachusetts“, and it’s a great read. Basically, the Mystic Brewery in Chelsea, MA has undertaken the building of this new facility, which is “bringing the brewery closer to its goal of being one of the countries largest dedicated producers of Belgian-style sours and wild ales.”

If the Mystic Brewery was a person I would kiss it right on the lips regardless of its age, sex or gender. Sour beer lovers in the Northeast, you’re getting a real devoted sour beer production palace, so rejoice appropriately! It goes without saying that we need to support Mystic Brewery with our business and show the Northeast craft beer community that we want more diversity and experimentation and we’re willing to pay for the results (these are still businesses, after all).

Notre Dame head football coach Brian Kelly was raised in Chelsea, MA, and we thought that considering this historical undertaking in his hometown we should try to get his take on it. He did not wish to comment, but he did look pretty excited.

brian kelly