Review: Chimay Triple Trappist Ale

Review of Chimay Triple Trappist Ale from S.A. Bieres De Chimay in Belgium

Beer Type: Triple  ABV: 8%  Tried from bottle

Their Description: “Of a golden colour, the Trappist beer combines sweet and bitter in a rare balance. The beer’s aroma felt in the mouth comes from the hops’ perfumes: above all, they are fruity touches of Muscat grapes and raisins, even ripe apples.”

The Reality: Upon pouring this beer you get a nice fragrant head that pulls you in with some mild funky sour aromas, most likely from the secondary in-bottle fermentation. The first sip has a more subtle flavor than the smell indicated it might. There is an initial slight tartness followed by a smooth malty sweetness. The finish is amazing as it is extra dry and almost tingles on the tongue. Just as you think the beer might be a touch too sweet, the finish sweeps that flavor right out your mouth and makes you want to take another sip. There is a light hoppiness that stays nicely in the background profile of this beer. I didn’t attribute the sweetness to the fruity touches they describe, but this beer does manage to balance sweet and bitter as they claim.

Final Verdict: The key to this beer is the finish/aftertaste, which in combination with the very effervescent carbonation leaves your mouth with a sensation found in very few other beers. I kept going back for that next gulp so I could remember the complexity of flavors because it doesn’t linger and your mouth feels clean after every sip. It was a very pleasant beer to drink and you don’t notice the 8% ABV in the taste at all. This beer is brewed by Trappist Monks at Scourmont Abbey, and I’m now convinced that you should always choose a beer made by old monks rather than by new monks.