Review: Opa Opa Watermelon Ale

Review of Opa-Opa Watermelon Ale from Opa-Opa Brewing Co. in Williamsburg, MA

Beer Type: Fruit/Vegetable Beer  ABV: 4.5%  Tried from bottle.

Their Description: “A light bodied ale, fruity and immensely delicious with a great watermelon aroma. The refreshing beer you have been looking for!”

The Reality: They got the first three words right, it is definitely light bodied. Upon pouring it into the glass there was no head to speak of. The “great watermelon aroma” they refer to is actually more of a generic melon aroma (maybe cantaloupe?) that could easily be mistaken for a packet of strawberry Jell-O powder. The first taste is full of fruity sweetness, but too sweet to be watermelon with notes of bubble gum and no tartness to balance it out . As you drink it, you wait for the sweetness to subside and have the flavors of the underlying ale come through, but that never happens. The ale they used as the base for this beer just has no distinction or character of its own. The aftertaste clings to your tongue like artificial sweetener.

Final Verdict: This brewery claims that this beer is “immensely delicious” and the “refreshing beer you have been looking for!”. Those are very subjective claims and tough to dispute, but I would say I did not find either to be true in my case. Perhaps someone with the tastebuds of a 6 year old wrote the description, who knows? I hate beating up on Opa-Opa, as they are one of my favorite breweries in Massachusetts, but the best thing I can say about this beer is that at least it didn’t have seeds.